Kamere speciale qe inqizon direkt ne mini sd kar..

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88 EUR

Komuna: Prishtinë
Shërbimet : Video mbikqyrës dhe alarm
Kamere dome per dite/nate qe inqizon ne Mircro SD Kartele, dhe nuk ka nevoje per DVR, HardDisk dhe pjese tjera te shtrejta.

Kodi i produktit: MicroSD-Camera

Kamere dome per dite/nate qe inqizon ne Mircro SD Kartele
Puna me kete kamere eshte e thjeshte dhe jo e komplikuar,
Nuk ka nevoje per DVR sepse inqizon direkt ne MicroSD Kartel.
Filmi i inqizuar ne mini SD mund te shiqohet permes PC / Llaptopi ose ne telefon

1. This DVRCam is the first CCTV camera which include all-in-one security system. It can record without an additional DVR system.
2. This DVRCam is an indoor complete video monitoring system with video recording, Plug and Play, infrared night vision, and circulating storage. Simple use:Just plug in a Micro SD Card (4GB) and plug a power supply.
3. then you can enjoy easy monitoring just like using a set of security cameras and DVR. 4GB Memory allows 8 Hour circular recording.
4. The video played by PC or smart phone can help you find something abnormal.
5. MPEG4 compression is smaller video size, longer recording time.
6. Easy to set up time--the time setting software is built in the DVRCam, and users don't need to find software.

Product Specification:
CPU processing: ARM9 32-Bit Microprocessor core
Signal System: Digital Model
Connector: USB 1.1 / 2.0
Resolution: 30 High Wan high resolution, 1/4 "COMS image sensor
Lens: Support: 3.6MM / 4.0MM / 6.0MM / 8.0MM
(Optional, standard 3.6MM) "
Charging time: direct power supply, plug and play
Operating temperature: minus 10 ° ~ 60 °
Recording time: 4GB: the longest recording time can be recorded more than 8 hours (due to different environments, specific practical date)
Video Format: VGA: 640 * 480 / GIF: 325 * 288
:: DC power input: AC220 / 110V, Output: DC_5V / 1A
IR: 24 infrared lights, night vision distance of 5-15 meters have school
Clock adjustment: Supports clock automatically update (requires first set)
External card: TF: 2G-32G (high-speed card is recommended adapter Kingston)
Package included:
1x Dome DVR-Camera ( TF card is not included )
1x USB Power Supply Adaptor
1x Card Reader
1x Set of Screws


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