Learn Practical Albanian in two Months (MAX)

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Komuna: Prishtinë
Shërbimet : Orë dhe Mësimdhënie
Have you just arrived in Kosova or Albania or any of the regional countries where you need to be able to speak the local language?
Well, you`re looking at the right place.
We offer private lessons of very practical Albanian. Based on the experience we`ve had in the past with the foreigners – we have come up with a very specific form of the learning system.
We know what and how much you need.
Here`s what we offer;
– Private Teacher (one on one)
– Very Focused Part of Language ( what you need )
– Time saving ( two months maximum )
– Intensive Classes
Therefore, do not hesitate! Book you`re private teacher NOW!
+377 44 417 623
Eagerly waiting to show how much we can do!
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