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50 EUR

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SHES USB SPYCAM U8 , Package Includes 4GB SD Card And Supports Up To 32GB SD Cards

The spy camera recorder comes with a 4 GB SD card and is compatible with up to 32 GB cards! That would allow you to store thousands of pictures or over 20 hours of video at once. The 2 hour battery life gives you all the time you need to record longer events, like business meetings or lectures.These spy cameras function as actual USB flash drives as well, nobody will suspect a thing!

This Handy Flash Drive Has Motion Activated Recording

With this spy camera recorder you have the option of Motion activated recording to save memory and battery life, continuous recording so you won't miss a thing. When you’re ready to watch your footage, just plug it into your PC using the USB port. All video files are compressed into .avi format, so you can store more videos at one time onto your hidden spy camera. Time and date stamps are also available for presenting evidence accurately.
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